Two films about the February Revolution

Two Soviet films about the February 1917 Revolution.

(Unfortunately, English subtitles are not available, but these are still quite interesting.)

February Wind / Февральский ветер (1981)

Director: Vladimir Dostal

Description: In 1917, on the eve of the February Revolution, Bolshevik organizer Kirill Astakhov is released from a Siberian prison. He is accompanied by the warden Stepan Filimonov, who has a political score to settle.


Collapse of the Empire / Крушение Империи (1970)

Directors: Vladimir Korsch-Sablin & Nikolai Kalinin

Description: Returning to St. Petersburg from exile after the February Revolution of 1917, Bolshevik Vaulin, despite police harassment, joins in the revolutionary struggle. Based on the novel by Mikhail Kozakov. The last film of the famous Belarusian director Vladimir Korsch-Sablin.

Poster for the film ‘Collapse of the Empire’

Thanks to Dmytriy Kovalevich


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