Bolivia to Celebrate 100 Years of Russian Revolution

April 19: Bolivia’s Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera announced that the country will hold a ceremony commemorating the 100 years of the Bolshevik Revolution, with the participation of international guests.

“We, as socialists, communists, Bolsheviks and Jacobins, are very glad to organize this forum to debate about the Russian Revolution,” he added in a press conference.

In 1917, the world was divided into two camps, said Garcia Linera, “the dominant (camp) and the one that sought to transform the world toward social justice.”

The event is scheduled for Nov. 6-8 in La Paz and will be organized by Bolivia’s Vice Presidency and the Faculty of History of the San Andres University.

Russian history professor Eugenia Bridikhina, who has lived in Bolivia more than 20 years, explained that the event will address the theory of the Russian Revolution, its meaning, influences on left-wing movements, impact on Europe and the world as well as in Latin America and Bolivia.

Spanish leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias and Russian historian Andrei Schelchkov are expected to attend the event.

Returning from exile in Switzerland after the February Revolution, Vladimir Lenin, along with the Bolshevik Red Guards and Russian workers and peasants, stormed the Winter Palace in Petrograd in October 1917, overthrowing the provisional government, which the Bolsheviks considered a bourgeois democratic revolution, and replacing it with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics — the first longstanding socialist state in the world — on the remains of a feudal and backward system.

Encompassing one-sixth of the world, the Soviet Union sought to bring about a global revolution against capitalism and imperialism, and openly declared its opposition to colonialism, racism and exploitation.

Originally published by teleSUR English

Official website of the conference
100 Years of the Russian Revolution
November 6-8, 2017
La Paz, Bolivia


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