We do not ask for forgiveness from Nicholas the Bloody!

By Oksana Snegir

On the 17th of July, 99 years have passed since the execution of the death sentence of the Ural Regional Soviet against Nicholas the Bloody-Romanov and his family.

The most inveterate obscurantists from the bourgeois intelligentsia, the “Orthodox monarchists,” together with the priests, again raised their penitent hysteria. They again called upon us to sprinkle ashes on our heads and ask for forgiveness “from the sovereign” for the great sin of our ancestors — for the revolution.

I will speak on this matter as a representative of the working class and on its behalf. I will say what the conscious working class thinks about both the execution of the Romanovs and the crocodile tears of the bourgeoisie.

We say this.

Let the bourgeoisie scream at the execution of the last monarch, pursuing its single goal — to defame the revolution and Soviet power. Let the narrow-minded townsfolk sing along with them and follow after their shouts about “repentance” before the overthrown king.

We do not ask for forgiveness from Nicholas the Bloody and are not going to repent of the execution of his family. We understand the harshness of our great-grandparents and the higher morality of the revolution.

We are proud that our great-grandparents found the courage and determination to take this step necessary to save the revolution. The working class showed this to the whole world: the Russian proletariat, which has taken up arms, does not play and does not joke — it is waging war against its enemies, and in this war it will go to the end. It carries out a revolution according to the laws of the revolution — and not through the hypocritical and deceitful “moral norms” of the oppressive class, in order to deceive the oppressed, in order to preserve the rule of the robbers over the working people.

The Bloody Sunday Massacre of 1905 — just one of many brutal crimes committed during the reign of Nicolas Romanov.

We recognize only one morality.

If the class of robbers wages a war against us, reduces us to the position of slaves, of cattle, of merchandise — then we have the right to fight.

The oppressed class has the right to fight. It has the right to fight by any means that its condition requires. And whatever it does, it will be right. For this was thrust upon it by the oppressors.

If the oppressed class is to be freed, the oppressors must be completely annihilated. If for the liberation of millions of workers it is necessary to destroy a handful of parasites, robbers and murderers — then this is right and just. The oppressors are always the first to start a war against the oppressed — and the oppressed are only defending themselves. The one who defends is always right.

This is the highest morality, the morality of the oppressed and struggling class, which must end injustice.

What is moral for us is what serves the cause of the emancipation of the working people from the power of rapists, robbers and murderers.

This also applies to the execution of the Tsar’s family.

If this measure was necessary for the victory of the revolution, for the liberation of the working people, then it is moral and just.

And the facts say that this was a necessary measure.

It is known that three days after the execution, Ekaterinburg fell into the hands of the Whites. Hence it is clear as a day — if the tsar and his family were not executed, they would have been taken by the Whites. And then they would certainly use them as a banner for counter-revolutionary rebellion against the power of the working class. These mutinies would have led to huge casualties. Perhaps they would jeopardize the very existence of Soviet power.

Is the working class supposed to allow this? In order to save the life of Nicholas the Bloody and his family — to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives of their comrades, to stake the fate of the revolution?

Yes, of course, the enemies of the revolution would be very happy if our great-grandparents showed such cowardice. If they had not been guided by revolutionary morality, for which the cause of the working class is above all else — but would have based themselves on so called “humanitarianism,” and from “humanity” would have saved the life of the Romanovs.

Yes – the counter-revolutionaries would be very pleased with such “humanity,” it would have delighted them!

And later, when the White generals smothered the revolution and reveled in revenge against the “rebellious boors,” indiscriminately tortured, hanged, and shot men and women, the old and children, walked through the blood of the workers up their waists — they would also very much approve of this “humanity”!

And our “humanists” today, who shed crocodile tears over the tsar’s family and yell about the inhumanity of the Bolsheviks, would now, no doubt, applauded this bloody bacchanalia. Our “humanists” whould glorify the executioners as “saviors of the fatherland” — as they now glorify Kolchak, Wrangel and the like. And the bloodthirstiness of these brutal “saviors,” the hundreds of thousands of tortured and murdered workers, women, old people and children — our humanists would try not to dwell on this, close their eyes, just as they turn a blind eye to the atrocities of Kolchak and Wrangel.

It would be declared a “forced measure,” “needed to restore order.”

But certainly, our “humanists” would not feel the need to tear their hair out and shout about the need for repentance.

Therefore we say — no, gentlemen! Your “humanity” does not suit us. For you it is inhumane to execute the family of the last tsar — but it is quite humane to shed rivers of workers’ blood. After all, wouldn’t you rejoice, gentlemen, if it had turned out that way? If your ideological predecessors succeeded in strangling the revolution — no matter how bloody the price the working class had to pay for this — wouldn’t you have rejoiced?

In fact, all your exploitative morality boils down to one thing — what is good for you, for your class of robbers and parasites! For this, you great humanists will justify anything. For this, you will not hesitate to throw all the “commandments” and “norms,” all “mercy” and all “Christianity” in the trash. You shout about this when you need to deceive us, the working people — but you yourselves are fine without it.

For you, your class interest is above all else — the preservation of the bourgeois system, the preservation of your power over us. But you are hypocritical and cover it with “norms” and “commandments.” We are not hypocritical, and we speak directly, when we say that our class interest is above all other interests, and the interest of the working class is to free ourselves from your power and destroy capitalism. Everything that serves this is moral. And if the execution of the tsarist family was necessary for the salvation of the revolution and for the liberation of the working class, then this measure was moral and just and the working class was fully entitled to implement it.

On behalf of the working class, we say that we are not going to repent of the execution of the last Romanovs. We are proud that our ancestors acted resolutely at a difficult time for the revolution, guided by their revolutionary duty, and they saved the revolution with their determination. We are grateful to them that they built socialism. It may now be destroyed — but we saw that it is feasible, and we know what we need to fight for.

Your crocodile tears over the last Romanovs fill us with disgust. Behind them lies the hypocrisy of the parasitic class, the class of thieves and murderers.

We do not ask for forgiveness from Nicholas the Bloody! Long live Great October!


Translated by Greg Butterfield


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