Leningrad: ‘City of 3 Revolutions’ on the anniversary of Great October

Members of the United Communist Party, ROT Front, Union of Communist Youth and representatives of almost a dozen foreign communist parties formed an impressive column under the slogan “There is no limit on the revolution!” on the many-thousands-strong march from the Finland Station to the cruiser Aurora.

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Borotba: Let’s continue the work of Lenin!

We must not forget! Like 100 years ago, the working people of all countries must struggle to implement the principles of social justice, nationalization, solidarity, internationalism, and change the balance of class forces in favor of the majority, not a handful of new-found aristocrats and oligarchs!

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‘They dreamed of a dictatorship of Kornilov. We will give them the dictatorship of the proletariat’

Listen, nations! The revolution offers you peace. It will be accused of violating treaties. But of this it is proud. To break up the leagues of bloody predation is the greatest historic service. The Bolsheviks have dared to do it. They alone have dared. Pride surges up of its own accord. Eyes shine. All are on their feet. No one is smoking now. It seems as though no one breathes. The presidium, the delegates, the guests, the sentries, join in a hymn of insurrection and brotherhood. “Suddenly, by common impulse,” – the story will soon be told by John Reed, observer and participant, chronicler and poet of the insurrection – “we found ourselves on our feet, mumbling together into the smooth lifting unison of the Internationale. A grizzled old soldier was sobbing like a child. Alexandra Kollontai rapidly winked the tears back. The immense sound rolled through the hall, burst windows and doors and soared into the quiet sky.”

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How Donetsk celebrated 100th anniversary of the Great October Revolution

“Today we are celebrating a great event, which has yet to be evaluated by posterity. From my point of view, this is the most monumental event of the past century. We lost a lot with the breakup of the Soviet Union, we’ve been robbed of everything that was created in 70 years of Soviet power, but we must not lose our memory and history.”

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Moscow Red March honors the Great October Revolution

What did we demonstrate? In this case, the non-system left organizations demonstrated their readiness to mobilize and the willingness of different but ideologically closely related organizations to act together. There is no revolutionary situation yet, but we understand that fires can break out instantly — and here the readiness for mobilization of left organizations should be absolute. 

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Decision to Form Workers’ and Peasants’ Government: 2nd Congress of Soviets

The management of individual branches of state activity is entrusted to commissions whose members hall ensure the fulfillment of the program announced by the Congress, and shall work in close contact with mass organizations of men and women workers, sailors, soldiers, peasants and office employees. Governmental authority is vested in a collegium of the chairs of those commissions, i.e., the Council of People’s Commissars.

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